Project any document on your iPad using the VGA adapter!



What is the magic wand and the mirroring mode?
The magic wand is a laser pointer, when you see the magic wand, you can circle a word on the iPad and projector will show it. If you tap on it, you will switch to mirroring mode (two arrows) which you can use to scroll up/down and left/right through the page. To go back to laser pointer mode, just tap on the two arrows.

How can I project on external displays?
As outlined in the app description, you need to have a VGA adapter. So if you have the adapter, please connect it to your external display. (If you are connecting to a TV, please set the mode to RGB using the remote control). When the external display is connected, tap on the play button on the right corner of the app from you iPad, now you should be able to view your document on the external display.

What document types are supported?
Adobe PDF
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Excel
iWork Pages
iWork KeyNote
iWork Numbers
Text and RTF

How can I delete a document from document list?
The deleting a document from the document list works same as deleting an email. Do a swipe left gesture on a document, and red delete button will be enabled.

How can I transfer files to Projector ?
There are two ways. You can directly open the document from an email. When you get an email with a PPT or other supported document attached, tap on it and on the upper right corner you will see an "Open in..." button, tap on it and you will see Projector! there. Just tap on it and the document will be transferred to Projector! so you can see it there.

The other option is to use iTunes: What you need to do is connect your iPad to Itunes with the USB cable to your desktop, then you can click on the iPad icon (on your left hand side underneath DEVICES) and you will see a tab that reads 'APPS' on your right hand side. Click on that tab and scroll all the way to the bottom, in there you will see a "File Sharing" section and in there you will see the "Projector!" app. Click on the "Projector!" app and then you will see all the files that you have browsed using Projector!, then you can add more or even retrieve them from there by clicking on the "Add..." or "Save to..." buttons or by simply dragging and dropping from the finder.

Good news! The following issues are fixed with 1.1 version. Thank you for sending documents and detailed information which was a tremendous help. If you still see some issues, please contact us.

Projector! crashed while looking at a big document
We found that big files with a lot of images can potentially use a big amount of memory, this could crash the appp. We are looking into clever ways to solve the limitation caused by the iPad framework. Since Apple is taking long to review and approve the updates, we appreciate your patience until you get the fix. Until then, you can try smaller size files.

My document is not displaying properly on the projector
If your document is not displayed entirely, you can switch to mirroring mode by tapping on the laser pointer icon, that way you can at least scroll through your document manually. If the problem persists, please send us as much information as you can from the document, for example, the type of the document, the number of pages, the size on disk, etc.. If your document does not contain any confidential information or you have a sample file where the problem occurs, please send it to us for troubleshooting purposes.

Some files from the email attachment does not show in "Open In..."
We noticed that if the file's extension is in capital format (e.g. DOC) or includes x (e.g pptx or docx), the "Open In..." will not have the Projector in the list. As a work around, you can remove the x from the file name or change the extension to lower case for now. We have fixed this issue and in the process of submitting the fix.